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Guest Author at Barnes & Noble River Oaks Store

Updated: May 21, 2018

I was invited to be a Guest Author at the Barnes and Noble River Oaks Store this past weekend! It was so much fun, and I love reading my book and signing books.

I really love meeting the children and parents at these book signings! I like to talk with the kids. One child I met told me she has already written 70 pages for a book she's writing about people who make a difference in the world! Her mom said writing is her passion, and she was amazing! So many children told me they want to be authors or artists, and I love to inspire them to follow their passions.

The River Oaks Barnes and Noble is carrying copies of Joy and the Far Away Land.

With the Principal of Poe Elementary. Poe is a great Houston elementary school that is serious about kids reading books!

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