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iWrite inspires kids to write! Leading through Literacy!

Updated: May 21, 2018

I am with our master of ceremonies Neal Hamil, founder of the Neal Hamil Agency. Hamil was Executive Vice President of Ford Models, and director of Elite Model Management. Trained by Eileen Ford herself! The organization, iWrite believes that creativity and imagination are natural gifts of childhood, which is why they encourage children to write and read! What I love is it is by kids for kids. They have workshops for kids, and they publish a book each year that features children's work from all over Houston.

It changes lives when these kids become published authors and get the applause for their hard work. It encourages children to value what they think and have to say. Being a book Author, I see the power of sharing your ideas and your creativity with others.

I am in a Creativity Seminar right now, that my husband is leading, and what I am learning is that creativity is their for each one of us in every moment, and we just have to be open enough and able to hear the creative voice with in ourselves.

GO BE CREATIVE! It can be in some small way... throw a fun party, post something creative, create a flower garden, write a book... the possibilities are endless! I dare you too!

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