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Updated: May 21, 2018

Houston, Texas is the #1 city in America for woman and children being trafficked. These children are often kidnapped and in desperate situations.

I attended a UNICEF luncheon today at the University of Houston, where there was a panel of experts from different fields, doctors, attorneys and UNICEF Staff addressing the issue.

“When we look at human trafficking, we always think that it's far away from us.” - Du Yun (2017 Pulitzer Prize Music recipient)

This is one of the most heart breaking forms of modern day slavery I could ever imagine. Trapping children who are unable to escape into what I consider one of the greatest crimes against humanity.

Why Does this Exist

This is a cause that I'm donating 10% of my book profit too. If I can help others to take action and stop this form of abuse, in some small way, I will be very happy.

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