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The Woman's Club of Houston at the Houston Public Library

Updated: May 21, 2018

The Woman's Club was founded in 1983 and founded the first public kindergarten for children in Houston, Texas. I went to the Luncheon today and I'm joining! They helped to establish the Houston Public Library and also help provide scholarships to college students.

One of my new goals for 2018 is to make new friends! So I'm looking to join clubs with inspiring people. When I came across The Woman's Club, I was SO excited! Not only were there nice women, but it was so in line with my being a children's book author. The Luncheon was at the Houston Public Library, and they were giving scholarships to three college students and the recipients spoke. It was very touching. One girl shared that she had been a high school drop out and had a teen pregnancy. She said it was one teacher who really touched her life that kept her going and made her want to be a teacher. She is studying at the University of Houston to be a school teacher.

JUST A NOTE: I almost didn't go today! I didn't have a ticket, and I didn't know anyone there. But I decided it's better to not sit at my computer, and I need to be with other awesome women. They seemed thrilled that I just showed up!

Soon I'll be going to a UNICEF Luncheon about stopping human trafficking. I will share more so do check back soon!

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of Library." - Jorge Luis Borges

I'm with Reen, my new friend, at the Library.

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