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About the Book Series

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This series revolves around Joy's journeys to various countries, emphasizing the importance of friendship and cultural understanding for children worldwide.

Joy's adventure book series began with her first book Joy and the Far Away Land,  inspired by her childhood travels to Russia and Ukraine. As one of 15 Americans selected to perform in the play "Peace Child" during the Cold War era.  The book is based on her beautiful journey of peace and hope for all of the children across the world.  The book was chosen for the My Home Library with the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation, that gives books to economically disadvantaged school children. 


In Joy Goes to Mexico, the second book in the series, Joy explores the lush jungles and vibrant villages of Mexico alongside a local boy named Jose and his dog Coco! Joy discovers the beauty of Mexico's landscapes and cultures.














The upcoming release, Joy Goes to Paris, fulfills Joy's mother's dream of celebrating her birthday on Bastille Day in the City of Light. Joy visits famous landmarks, learns French words and meets a special friend named Louis!

Joy's mission is to inspire a love for adventure and travel in children, teaching them to embrace the world's diversity. 

Joy Goes to Egypt coming out in 2025!


"Got this book as a gift and she LOVES it. It’s her absolute favorite, and she loves a lot of books so that is really saying something. Bright colors and fun visuals for kids (all the favorites including balloons, lady bugs, rainbows, parties and more). I highly recommend this book for kiddos of any age." - Chelsea Beauchamp

"Joy has such a strong commitment to make a difference for children. She knows that the future state of world peace will be dependent upon our children and what we teach them. This book exemplifies the joy (pun absolutely intended) she wants to share with everyone. Enjoy the moments you get to spend in Joy’s world." - Shannon Sinclair

"This book is brilliant and playful for all audiences. The message is so important and powerful. Simply through a child’s adventures you see how truly easy it can can be to love and accept those different from you. A sweet story with adorable illustrations. Both my kids loved it and it was a classroom favorite!" - Tracie Armand-Bauer



"Joy and the Far Away Land" offers an explosion of color with a very powerful, yet simple message. If we could remember to look through the eyes of a child the world would be a safer place to live and play. Joy went beyond the words and illustrated her story herself. I sent this book to the next generation of grand nieces and nephews. They enjoyed this easy to read message wrapped in vivid illustrations." - Joseph R. Petrie

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