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10% of all book profit goes to charity.

Free Shipping. Click below to order.

All books are signed by Joy.

Joy Goes to Egypt will be out in 2025!

Joy's books are on Amazon, River Oaks Barnes and Nobles, Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin.

10% of all book profits go to charity. Currently, 10% of Joy Goes to Mexico goes to Corazon de Vida helping orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico.

"Got this book as a gift and she LOVES it. It’s her absolute favorite, and she loves a lot of books so that is really saying something."  - Chelsea Beauchamp

"A sweet story with adorable illustrations. Both my kids loved it and it was a classroom favorite!" - Tracie Armand-Bauer

"Joy and the Far Away Land" offers an explosion of color with a very powerful, yet simple message. If we could remember to look through the eyes of a child the world would be a safer place to live and play."  Joseph R. Petrie

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